Transition To New Website This Weekend

The JCNA Website is transitioning to an updated version this weekend starting Saturday morning at 6:00 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time and the new site should be fully operational by Monday morning.

During the transition, I am asking users not to post any new information on the current site – forum comments, pictures, calendar events, classified advertisements, new member information, etc. I will send a notice through region directors, as well as posting a message on the website, when you can again add information.

During the transition, you can continue visiting the current website at and you can preview the new site at The URL for the new site will be once the transition is complete.

The new site has been refreshed to look more contemporary and page navigation is easier. All information from the current site will be transferred though many of the pages have been reformatted for better viewing of information.

Login for those with individual accounts will be the same as it is on the current site – your Username and Password.

I appreciate everyone’s patience as we make the transition this weekend and please contact me at or 719.930.4801 if you have problems or concerns.

Jack Humphrey / Webmaster