Recruitment Resources

New Member Recruitment.

  • Set an annual membership goal, announce it and ask everyone's assistance.  Reiterate the goal often and update progress made.
  • Provide members with free JCNA brochures with the club's contact info to hand out to prospective members.
  • Provide members with an "Invitation to Join" postcard with the club's contact info to place on windshields of non-member Jaguars.
  • Do any members attend other car shows? If so, ask them to take some JCNA brochures and applications in case they encounter a Jaguar owner.
  1. Ensure JCNA's Club page information is correct and attractive (also applies to the independent club website if there is one).
    • Ensure contact information for all officers is complete and accurate.
    • Set up the club page on the JCNA website to allow online membership application and payment via PayPal or check.
  2. Cultivate a close and mutually beneficial relationship with area Jaguar dealer(s).Brainstorm ways to bring members and the dealership together.  The possibilities are almost endless.
    • Display JCNA brochures JCNAPUB12.0 and club newsletters in the showroom and/or the service area (with club contact information).
    • Club provided display cars for dealer promotions.
    • Host functions at the dealership (concourses, judge training sessions, new model introductions, etc.)
    • Dealer-provided cars and/or financial support for local club events (Concours, tours, etc.)
      • Dealer-provided "Thank you" package to every new Jaguar owner. Package includes a letter from the club president welcoming them to the Jaguar family, providing information on the club and asking them to join.
    • Dealer provided complimentary one year membership in the club and/or JCNA to anyone purchasing a new or used Jaguar.
    • Sample Dealer Sponsor Letter - "Recruitment 3F Sample Dealer Sponsor Letter 1"
    • Invite a dealer representative(s) to all Club functions, including the opportunity to talk about Jaguars including promotions and model changes.
    • Solicit sales professionals to mention JCNA and the local Affiliate Club membership point of contact to all owners of new and used Jaguars.  Perhaps more importantly, since every buyer must meet with the Business Agent, ensure that you ask him or her to support recruitment initiatives by positively mentioning  the club and providing a JCNA membership brochure, letter of welcome and introduction from the local Affiliate Club president, etc.
  3. Immediately follow up on all PTS referrals.
  4. Have handouts and club newsletters available at all club events to hand out to people who are looking and walking around the cars.
  5. Set up the club page on the JCNA website to allow online membership application and payment via PayPal or check.