General Information Inquiries
Jaguar Clubs of North America
500 Westover Drive, No 8354
Sanford, NC 27330
United States

Please email Member Updates and Address Changes to the Assistant Administrator (Cara Dillon)

Member Hotline: +1 888 258 2524 ( 888 CLUB JAG )

  • JCNA Trophy Sales, press 1 for Dave McDowell
  • JCNA Regalia & Merchandise; Event Insurance Questions, press 2 for Gary Vaughan
  • Jaguar Journal content questions, ideas, and suggestions, press 4 for Pete Crespin
  • To advertise in the Jaguar Journal or on the JCNA website, press 5 for Diane DuFour
  • Membership questions or renewals, press 6 for George Camp
  • JCNA Technical Helpline -- sponsored by SNG Barratt -- press 7 for George Camp (Please Note - the Technical Help Line is a Members-Only service so have your JCNA Member Number Ready)
  • JCNA Book Sales and Publications, press 8 for George Camp
  • Other enquiries, press 9 for George Camp
  • Jaguar Journal Archives USB Stick orders, press 10 for Peter Crespin

Click Here for information on the Helpline (JCNA Board of Directors) (Executive Committee) (Les Hamilton) - President (John Boswell) - Vice-President (Dave McDowell) - Elected Member (Bob Matejek) - Secretary (Rob Thuss) - Legal Counsel

Administrator (George Camp)
Assistant Adminstrator (Cara Dillon)
Treasurer (William Sihler)

Past President (Jack Humphrey)

Honorary Vice President

JLR Liaison (Fred Hammond) (JCNA Regional Directors)

Two directors are elected for each region serving two year terms. Elections are staggered so that one new director is elected each year for each region. The year displayed after a directors name indicates when term expire (at the AGM).

Nominating Committee Chair (Gerald Ellison)

Northwest (Carole E. Borgens) (2020)
304-20443 53 Avenue
Langley, BC V3A-7A6
(604) 514-8414 (Kurt Jacobson) (2021)
4553 Kennedy Rd., NE.
Tacoma, WA 48637
(253) 229-6905

Southwest (Mark Mayuga) (2020)
3042 Walker Lee Dr.
Los Alamitos, CA 90720
(909) 772-1075 (cell) (Les Hamilton) (2021)
9 Sommerset Vale
Monterey, CA 93940
(408) 759-2921 (cell)

North Central (John Boswell) (2020)
724 Michigan Ave
South Milwaukee, WI 53172
(414) 764-9391 (Mike Meyer) (2021)
8134 Crystal Creek
Sagamore Hills, OH 44067
(330) 294-0890
(330) 998-0018 (cell)

South Central (Ron Wallis) (2020)
16638 Cypress Downs Dr.
Cypress, TX 77429
(713) 808-5988 (cell) (Dave McDowell) (2021)
1208 Derbyshire Lane
Carrollton, TX 75007
(972) 242-4957
(214) 649-5275 (cell)

Northeast (Bill Beible) (2020)
473 Fairmont Drive
Chester Springs, PA 19425
(610) 223-1051 (Dean Cusano) (2021)
66 Woodruff Road
Farmington, CT 06032
(860) 793-1055

Southeast (Ron Gaertner) (2020)
1485 Amberlake Rd
Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103
(804) 784-6718 (Craig Kerins) (2021)
4 Salt Marsh Drive
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
(706) 726-0434

JCNA Administrative

Business/Insurance - (Gary Vaughan)
Deals with JCNA insurance provider. Supports National Secretary implementation. Monitor all financial activities. For affiliate club insurance questions, call (858) 638-0011.

General Counsel - (Rob Thuss)
Handles JCNA Legal Matters.

Communications - (Jack Humphrey)
Integrate clubs and JCNA web site.

Nominating - (Gerald Ellison)
Receives Regional Director nominations. (Membership Committee) - Mark Mayuga, Chair (SW); Nedra Rummell (SW); Donte Neal (SW); Jeff Gennaro (SW); Brian Ellis (SW); Carol Capano (SW); Quient Nieman (NE); Ed Avis (NE); Bob Engh (NE); John Larson (NE); James Hoehn (NE); Ken Katch (NC); Sue Kornahrens (NW); Rick Martin (NW); Lisa Schafer (SC); John McCarthy (SE); Derry Heynes. Works with the Clubs on Membership issues. (Concours Committee) - Jim Sambold, Chair (NE); Tom Doyle (NW); Charlie Hallums (SW); Jeff Snyder (SC); Dave Kirkman (SE); Paul Cusato (NC). Works with the Clubs on Concours issues.

The International Jaguar Festival Committee (New) - Mark Mayuga, Chair (SW)

Jaguar Land Rover Liason - (Barbara Grayson)
Works with the Jaguar Cars designated point of contact at the request and direction of the Board of Directors.

Publicity - (OPEN)
JCNA press kit. Re-create the JCNA publicity program aimed at the potential member and potential business alliances.

Archives - Vehicle Build Data Certificates - (Fred Hammond)
Jaguar North America Archives, 555 MacArthur Blvd Mahwah NJ 07430. Phone: (201) 818-8144

JCNA Club Locator Service - (Nedra Rummell)
Receives and responds to JCNA requests for membership, distributes various brochures for Jaguar Journal subscription inquiries originating from non-club sources.

JCNA Membership

Roster and Membership - (Cara Dillon)
Maintains membership records. Integrate all member services with membership cmte. Process Members At Large requests. Identify places where new clubs can succeed.

JCNA Concours/Rally/Slalom

Concours Event Sanctions and Schedule - (Jim Sambold)
Handles Concours results. Sanctions events, maintains North American Concours event schedule, monitors judge qualifications, reviews and approves Concours scores and judging reports. Login to your club menu and fill out the automated form.

Awards Management - (Bob Matejek)
Handles JCNA special trophies and Championship awards (NOT trophy orders).

Protest Committee - (Knick Curtis) (Chair / SC), Mike Ksiazek (NC), Les Garbutt (NW), Gary Hagopian (NE), Erich Schumaker (SW), Jerry Wise (SE)
Handles protests for Concours.

Concours Rules Committee - (Hal Kritzman) (JCNA Chief Judge)
Review and revise the concours rule book. See concours event page for regional committee members.

Authenticity - (George Camp)
Provides documentation and answers on Jaguar cars correctness per factory literature and technical publications. Offers help in researching Jaguar related questions.

Concours Scores - (Jack Humphrey)
Archives Yearly Concours Results. Note that scoring corrections must be sent to the local chief judge. Do not email concours results, instead use the Online Scoring System.

Rally - (Bill Beible)
Handles Rally results. Reviews and revises the Rally rule book as necessary. Handles Rally program protests. Do not email results, instead use the Online Scoring System.

Slalom - (John Larson)
Handles Slalom results. Sanctions events. Reviews and revises the Slalom rule book as necessary. Handles Slalom program protests. Do not email results, instead use the Online Scoring System.

Trophies (Dave McDowell)
Trophies may be ordered online in the JCNA Shoppe. For questions regarding an order please contact Dave McDowell.

Merchandise (Regalia) - (George Camp)
Merchandise and Regalia may be ordered online in the JCNA Shoppe. For questions regarding an order please contact George Camp.

JCNA Jaguar Journal / Publications

Jaguar Journal Editor - (Peter Crespin)
Article submissions, information including affiliate club news, etc.

Jaguar Journal & Website Advertising - (Diane Dufour)
Advertising rates and more information.

Jaguar Journal Change of Address & Subscriptions - (Cara Dillon)
Add new subscriptions. Manages lost or missing issues of the Jaguar Journal. Change of mailing address, subscriptions, etc.

Publicity - (Kristina Newton)
Manages eNewsletter.

Publications - (George Camp)
Manages all JCNA Publications for sale to clubs and individuals in the Shoppe.


Special Awards Committee - (Bob Matejek)
Handles Andrew Whyte, Fred Horner, and the Dealer of the Year awards. (Competition Awards) - Bob Matejek / Dave McDowell
Handles JCNA special trophies and Championship awards (NOT trophy orders).

Newsletter Awards/Karen Miller Award - (Bob Matejek)
Recognizes excellence in JCNA club newsletters. Editor of the Year receives Karen Miller Award.

Concours Trophies Orders - (Dave McDowell)
For questions regarding an order or to place an order, please contact Dave McDowell or go to the JCNA Shoppe


Webmaster - (Jack Humphrey)

Events Calendar - (Jack Humphrey)
Use the automated form to add or edit your sanctioned or non sanctioned event to the JCNA Site calendar.

Club Social Media Coordinator / Content - (Kristina Newton)
Responsible for Facebook publication.

Slalom, Concours and Rally Results - (Jack Humphrey)
Develop the Online Scoring System used to collect competition scores and to generate competition standings. To access the Online Scoring System, login using your club user name and password and follow the step by step directions.