2019 Concours Rule Book In Effect Until Further Notice! This could change after the AGM in August 2020.

At time of Sanction request: The posting of this JCNA Concours Sanction request acknowledges that the Chief Judge and Concours Chairman commit to conduct the Sanctioned Concours to the fullest extent possible per the applicable JCNA Concours Rules.

At the time of posting the Judges info and Scores: The posting of the results of the JCNA Sanctioned Concours Judges information and Concours scores acknowledges that the Chief Judge and Concours Chairman conducted the Sanctioned Concours to the fullest extent possible per the applicable JCNA Concours Rules.

Chief Judges and / or Concours Chairs - Contact JCNA Concours Committee Chair, Jim Sambold by (email) once you have uploaded your concours results and judging team information. Jim will then review your entries and classify your event as "Official." 

Rulebook and Forms

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If you prefer, you may download individual chapters and sections below or you may order a printed, double sided, 3-hole punch copy from the JCNA Shoppe.

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Reminder: filling out this form, collecting the $5 insurance fee from NON JCNA members and forwarding the form and fees to JCNA is mandatory for your club to be covered by JCNA insurance.

Other Resources

Protest Reports:

Judging Guides:

  • Series 1 E-Type Judging Guide (approved 2003, updated June 2013)
  • Series 1.5 E-Type Judging Guide (approved 2006)
  • Series 2 E-Type Judging Guide (approved 2004, updated April 2006)
  • Series 3 E-Type Judging Guide (approved 2007, updated May 2007)
  • Mark II Judging Guide with RHD appendix (approved 2005 - updated April 2009)
  • XJS - 1976 - 1991 (approved 2007, updated March 2010)
  • Air Conditioning Judging Guide (approved 2008)
  • Air Conditioning Judging Guide Appendix A (approved 2008)
  • XK120 Judging Guide (Third Edition, March 2020) - Please note the Third Edition supersedes all previous editions and it contains many new and better pictures to assist in JCNA concours judging. Additionally, Co-Author Bob Sheridan recommends that all clubs order a new spiral-bound guide and discard all previous editions. 

The above guides can be purchased in the JCNA Shoppe professionally done with a cover and binder for a very reasonable price